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I am a New York based comedy writer whose television credits include "Miracle Workers" on TBS, "Ten Year-Old Tom" on HBO and "Koala Man" on Hulu.

I'm the author of the comic novels Quietly, From Afar (named one of the 15 best comedy books of the year by Vulture) and Contemptible Blue (named one of the five "Recent Comic Novels That Are Hilariously Reviving the Form" by Barnes & Noble). Click the "novels" link up there to read some lengthy excerpts from each book. If you like the excerpts and would like to read the books but are strapped for cash you can contact me and i will get you copies free of charge.


I also contribute frequently to publications like The New Yorker, McSweeney's Internet Tendency, The Hard Times, American Bystander and more.

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